Next-Gen Application Security Services with 3x Benefits

iAppSecure provides next-generation integrated assessment services that combine the power of dynamic, runtime and code analysis along with human intelligence to achieve a broad coverage across various types of vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Customers get the power of the most in-depth instrumentation technology along with runtime and code analysis absolutely complimentary. This unmatched value gives customers 3x benefits at just the cost of traditional dynamic assessment services.


Fusion Technology Based Analysis

iAppSecure's Fusion Technology based analysis leverages the power of Fusion, an innovative next-generation technology for application security analysis.

Integrated Analysis

Fusion includes dynamic, runtime and code analysis capabilities in a single integrated platform along with advanced multi-way coordination technology.

Amazing Insight

Fusion, with its deep instrumentation technology, gives amazing insight into internals of application which enables smarter and deeper analysis.

Higher Assurance

Fusion gives 360° view of application and ability to look at both positive and negative aspects of application which help provide higher assurance.

End-to-end Digital Recording

Fusion can capture application functionalities in great detail from user interface, to communication, to internal execution flow, to runtime code as evidence.

Technical and Logical Checks

We perform both technical and logical checks to achieve a broad coverage across various types of vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Clear Actionable Reports

We provide clear actionable reports with prioritized findings and excellent end-to-end view from user interface to root cause of issue in application.

Protection of IP

Our technology can be deployed on-premise so that your code and data are analyzed within your organization for protection of your IP.

Cost Effective

Our model provides customers an unparalleled solution which not only leverages premium next-generation technology but is also cost-effective.


Dynamic Analysis

With iAppSecure's dynamic analysis service, an application in a running state is analyzed from external perspective for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It includes both technical and logical checks.

Code Analysis

With iAppSecure's code analysis service, application code is analyzed for vulnerabilities and weaknesses by checking for security controls and adherence to best practices for secure coding.

Runtime Analysis

With iAppSecure's runtime analysis service, an application in a running state is analyzed from internal perspective for vulnerabilities and weaknesses and this significantly increases assurance.

CI / CD Integration

Fusion offers CI / CD integration that automates instrumentation process which reduces the gap between development and assessment cycles while still retaining the benefits of integrated analysis.

Fusion Dashboard - Sample Analysis

Fusion Dashboard gives a summary as well as a detailed view of findings which includes user interface, request / response, internal analysis trace, internal execution flow and mapping to source code as applicable which makes it very easy to understand complete anatomy of vulnerability or weakness.