About iAppSecure

iAppSecure Solutions is a company with a strong focus on creating scientifically advanced technologies for application security analysis. We, at iAppSecure, continuously endeavor to innovate and build next generation technologies that radically enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of discovering vulnerabilities and weaknesses in applications. The technologies that we build enable smarter and deeper analysis of applications providing higher assurance to our customers.

Team & Technology

Our team at iAppSecure is comprised of professionals with strong expertise and extensive experience in research, design, development and consulting in application security.

Fusion is the primary research technology at iAppSecure. Based on a subset of technologies from Fusion is Fusion Lite, an innovative next generation technology which radically changes the way applications are assessed.


Vimal Patel is a founder and director of iAppSecure Solutions. He also leads research and development of advanced technologies and solutions for application analysis at iAppSecure. In the past, he has also held position as a vice president at Citigroup USA where he led architecture, design and development of various financial applications.

Vimal has over two decades of experience and expertise spanning several technologies from design of digital circuits and microcontroller based products to enterprise applications. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from USA.

Nilay Patel is a director at iAppSecure Solutions and brings over 15 years of management experience to the company. He leads operations, finance and business development at iAppSecure. Nilay holds a Masters in Engineering Management from Griffith University, Australia.

iAppSecure Solutions