Fusion Lite - 360° Integrated Analysis

Fusion Lite gives a 360° view of application in an integrated analysis environment which makes it seamless to analyze application from multiple perspectives (dynamic, runtime and code analysis) with power of multi-way coordination technology.

Fusion Lite, with its deep instrumentation technology, gives an amazing insight into the internals of an application which enables smarter and deeper analysis resulting in significantly higher assurance compared to traditional approaches for application assessments.

Amazing Insight

Get amazing insight into internals of an application with ability to quickly view and analyze runtime data and code running behind any functionality. With smarter and deeper analysis, drastically increase your confidence and speed of testing.

Runtime Code Analysis

Zoom into the application code running behind any functionality along with in-depth analysis. Switch between user interface, request / response, application flow and application code seamlessly in split-second.

Deep Instrumentation

With deep instrumentation technology that can easily capture over 100K+ or even 1M+ application events at blazing speed, get an unmatched level of insight into the application that is over 100x more detailed compared to traditional instrumentation techniques.

High Speed Dynamic Streaming

Boost your assurance level drastically with high speed streaming capability of Fusion that gives you a real-time view into the internals of an application. Analyze execution of any API (point of interest) of your choice.

Runtime Code Mapping

Gain even more insight into logic behind any event with integrated runtime code mapping that takes you to the code for any streamed event with one click. Don't have source code? No problem. The code mapping works even when no original code is available with integrated decompiler and seamless mapping to equivalent decompiled code.

Effective Value Analysis

Simple but effective value based analysis lets you analyze internal usage of value being passed to the application. Switch from passive to active mode to analyze internal impact of an active payload.

Powerful Object Tracking

Breeze through complex transformations with powerful object based tracking. Excellent for security researchers to perform deep analysis of complex transformations such as cryptography.

Static Code Analysis

Perform quick static code analysis with built-in static analysis engine that lets you analyze application without any runtime requirements. Quickly analyze specific area with on-demand analysis capability or perform analysis across the entire application by driving automation API.

Detailed Static Trace

Drill down into static analysis with a detailed trace that lets you explore the flow from sink to propagator to source. Easily add sink, transform or source rules as needed.

Digitize and Analyze Application at Scale

Capture application functionalities in great detail from user interface, to communication, to internal execution flow, to runtime code and create very valuable database for analysis with complete digital recording of your application. Analyze critical areas such as login, logout and sensitive business functions in depth any time and analyze functionalities at scale with automation.

Results against OWASP Benchmark v1.1

Results against OWASP Benchmark v1.2 beta